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One on one

Consulting Services

One on One

Our primary service is specificity consulting for the film and TV industry. Upon considering your production’s specific needs, we match your production with at least one of our internally trained expert consultants to be available through development, prep, production, post-production and even distribution.

If you are interested in engaging with our pool of expert consultants, please contact us so we may promptly assess your needs.


Custom Presentations

We offer custom presentations specific to the needs of your production. We have a qualified pool of expert consultants who provide workshops on equity and inclusion, care and unconscious bias.


Impact Initiatives

We partner with productions to carry out initiatives for the community. If you are seeking to organize initiatives, events or screenings as part of your impact campaign, we can help.


Who are our clients?

  • Film & TV productions

  • Production companies

  • Marketing companies

  • Casting agencies

  • Broadcasters

  • Funding bodies

Want to know if we can consult on your project?

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