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We offer our clients the ability to connect with the communities they intend to portray in their films or media campaigns, in order to assure that such portrayals are not only ethical but beneficial to the community at hand. Both popular media and educational media significantly impacts how we perceive particular communities who have been historically oppressed, depending on the narratives addressing such populations. In Western contexts, such communities include immigrants and refugees, people of colour and more specifically, Black communities, Asian communities, Arab populations, Indigenous populations, Muslim communities as well as queer and trans folks and disabled folks, among other groups. Just as intimacy coordinators have become the standard for intimacy scenes, historically marginalized communities need to be represented with consultants at all stages of a production in order to assure ethical and beneficial work is taking place to uplift those from underrepresented communities.


We engage in ongoing advocacy work through our in-person and virtual events, social media campaigns, our blog page and video series, as well as our speaking engagements.

Our founder Yazmeen Kanji and our in-house DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) qualified experts provide private and exclusive workshops to companies requiring training to work with and represent historically marginalized communities in visual media work.


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Yazmeen Kanji

Founder and Creative Director

Yazmeen has graduated from the University of Toronto, studying Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies at the Munk School of Global Affairs, Equity Studies and Cinema Studies. Yazmeen hopes that Films With A Cause can become a platform for sharing digital content that has the potential to enact social and political change and that will encourage sustainable practices as well as increase opportunities for vulnerable and underserved populations.


Jasmine Kara

Events Coordinator

Jasmine holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, with a specialist in Human Geography and a double focus in Urban Geography and Planning. She dedicates her time towards exploring the dynamics of film production and helps to spread social awareness on a local and global scale. Jasmine has planned two successful events with 200+ attendees for Films with a Cause. She combines her skill and vision to inspire and engage others on a variety of issues and topics with events. She strives to bring individuals from differing backgrounds together to share ideas and spread awareness of underrepresented narratives.


Tamara Nurse

Marketing Director

Tamara is a fourth year undergraduate student at Ryerson University, studying Media Storytelling and Journalism with a specialization in Business. She is passionate about both environmental and social change, and sees films as a creative and unique way to convey meaningful narratives.


Hooria Mohammad


Hooria is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Earth and Environmental Systems and Political Science and minoring in Cinema Studies. She is fervent about environmental politics and utilizing film and media as a medium for social change.

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Kathryna Cuizon

Website & Graphic Designer

Kathryna is a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Toronto specializing in Architectural Design with a major in Human Geography. She views film as sources for inspiration and is interested in their potential to express voices, cultures and issues rarely heard. She hopes to integrate the art of filmmaking and story telling into her architecture practice.


Sharon Savunthararajah

Production Coordinator

Sharon Savunthararajah is a dedicated and driven professional. She joined Films With A Cause to make a positive impact through meaningful productions. Sharon holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialty in Marketing Management and Professional Communication from Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.


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