A Month After Our Muslim Representation in Film and TV Conference

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Exactly a month after our groundbreaking virtual conference, Muslim Representation in Film and TV: One Day Fundraising Conference, we reflect on the event and its significance. Thank you to BIPOC TV & Film and the Muslim International Film Festival along with each of our panelists who volunteered their time to share virtual space with us.

BIPOC TV & FILM: Reem Morsi, Sami Khan, Hamza Haq, Fawzia Mirza

This conference was the first of its kind, creating a safe environment for open discussions and sharing personal experiences around navigating the media industry as a Muslim creative. Our conference hosted a wide range of panellists and audience members. This conference underscored the deeper changes that need to be worked towards and the gaps in our industry that must be more regularly addressed. We discussed why Muslim representation does not only need to be improved on screen, but also behind the scenes in all decision making spaces from writer’s rooms and audition rooms to set environments.

Hamza Haq, one of our panelists, stressed that “having these conversations is the shift” into a more inclusive creative industry.

Films With A Cause: Yazmeen Kanji, Zarqa Nawaz, Aqsa Altaf, Nijla Mu'min

This conference emphasized that one of the first steps to more accurate Muslim representation is uplifting Muslim voices and dismantling false preconceived notions of Muslims that are instilled into the industry and projected on screen.

As Zarqa Nawaz, one of our panelists, eloquently stated, “there is a whole spectrum of Muslim experiences, but we (the industry) concentrate on the 1% of it and we ignore the 99% of it to our determent”.

Muslim International Film Festival: Nadra Widatalla, Maryan Haye, Hirra Farooqi, Aizzah Fatima

We at Films With A Cause are tremendously grateful for each and every one of you who have been supporting these conversations. We encourage everyone to keep the dialogue alive and engage with these deeper issues as we move into the DEI consulting space from historically marginalized Gen Z based perspectives.

Films With A Cause: Yazmeen Kanji, Akifa Khan, Nuzhat Jafri, Serena Rasoul

If you would still like to donate to the One Day short film fund, please do so below!

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